My Top 10 Tech Products of 2020 (Excluding Smartphones)

I’M going to talk about my top 10 gadgets that I got in 2018 and these are my top Garrett’s kind. I have perches lot of products in 2018 and these are excluding smartphones guys. Some I get for review. Some of them are actually for my personal use. So here is the list of the top 10 gadgets that I have got in 2018 and if I had to repurchase them again, I would do it and here it goes and the first one is the Polka magnifying mini 4.

He says sound bar. In fact, I’d posted it we’ve just about two days ago have been using this over the last 4 months and I got it on sale or on Amazon for about twenty six thousand five hundred regular prices about 29,000, and I have to say I already have a Lot of audio equipment, proper 5.1 setup that cost a lot more than this one. My 5.1 setup was around 70,000 on cue with the separate speakers and stuff yeah that gives a 5.

1 surround better, but this one for a Sun bar sounds amazing, because I have heard sound bus costing V more about forty forty five thousand, and this is so good. It’S very compact, so I loved it and I would again buy it if I would have to so that’s one of my first big and second thing: you notice is, I wear this Apple read. This is a new Apple, read series for a part purchase this one, and this is the best matte read that I have used a 20-18 and guys.

I also have this samsung galaxy read, but still, I would say this is much better. Now I’m going to another item which was actually not available till recently in India, but just got announced and I had purchased this from us. This is the surface. Go it’s a hybrid between a laptop and a computer, and what I like about this one is that it’s extremely light, but still it’s a full-fledged computer guys and we just unlocked it using the face, unlocking IRIScan and it has unknown it’s a full fledged computer guys.

But again it is so light. As you can see, I can hold it as a single hand. That’S the beauty of this one: it’s not the most powerful computer and I would not suggest this one to anyone if this is going to be a primary computer. But if you just want a lightweight computer as his secondary computer that will be in your bag. In a bench, then, this is really really good and it’s a full-fledged computer that you have so it’s running Windows 10 completely, so you can run a lot of apps.

But again, the thing is that it’s not the fastest computer but gets the job done because advantage is that and you can actually use it like a tablet. I mostly use it like a tablet personally, but the big thing is that, as its running full fledged Windows 10, you can also have your regular apps and in a pinch, if you need to do something, you can do it and it works with all accessories. Like a mouse or something have to actually purchase it’s foldable cover, I will do that, but this has actually replaced my iPad pro and it’s more practical than the iPad pro.

But again, it’s not as fast as the iPad pro because of the processor use, but more practical. I would say then the iPad pro, because it’s a full-fledged Windows computer. I will actually try to post the review of this one if you guys really wanted. I had to purchase this from when I was in the US for just about $ 400, but in India they have launched it at a higher price. The base weight in this about 37 and the eight gigabyte variant is pricey at forty, eight thousand and still you don’t get the keyboard cover and you have to buy that separately.

But still I would say this is one of those special accessories that I thought I don’t like that much, but I, like it plan, I’m using a lot more than even my iPad pro, and this is always in my back. The next is, I also upgraded. This is a recent first chase to the sodium WH thousand MX here phones. These are nice cancellation earphones earlier I was using the bose qc25. They were actually good, but this words are actually even better than this one.

I purchased this one just recently just about ten days ago, and I feel in terms of noise cancellation. These are even better than the boss and also in terms of listening to the music. These sounds slightly better than the post. They have slightly more emphasized space and slightly more detail, so I really like it very the table. Also. It has a USB type-c port for charging. It supports quick charging, so I’d really like it, and the battery life is also really good at 30.

Us so certainly a little bit pricey these edges this one for about 29,000, but if you want the best noise cancellation, active noise cancellation, your phones – this is the one and I am really happy with the purchase of this one again guys. If you want a full-fledged review of this one with the comparison of the bose qc25 that I have, let me know I’ll try to post its full review. Next, as I upgraded my TVs this year to 4k, televisions are actually got two and the first one.

Both are actually really good, but both use very different technologies. The first one is the Samsung culet 65 inch television, I’ve already posted a article about it, and I really liked this one, and I got this basically to play games. I play a lot of games on my console, that is the Xbox one X and even the ps4 Pro. I primarily got it for that, and it works really well and also for reading movies and stuff.

It is very good it’s having that qulet technology. Hence the picture quality is really good. Apart from that, I also upgraded my older. What is a 49 inch television to the LG 55 inch OLED televisions, the c8 model. In fact, I had posted a article about this one also – and I really loved this one. In fact, I would say for a normal user if we, if you don’t, do a lot of gaming and stuff, I feel the LG OLED is slightly superior in terms of picture quality.

But again, as it’s older television for gaming and stuff, where we have a lot of static content, the Samsung might be better because it doesn’t have the image retention issues, but nevertheless very good television, both the Samsung qulet and the LG on it. But again very pricey, especially the Samsung culet. The pricing in India is very, very high, but again you have the budget. These are some of the best television.

In fact, the LG 55 inch OLED televisions. The c8 model got the best TV awards internationally from a lot of publications, a really good one, and next I also upgraded my xbox. I had the original Xbox one, which is getting slightly old, I would say, and as have upgraded to these 4k televisions, I put it to the Xbox one X and I have to say on a proper 4k HT. Our this thing comes alive, specially for games.

The new games that are optimized and they run in 4k, so really good one. I like it. I don’t know that much gaming, but still I could see a huge. What do you say, picture quality difference on the Xbox one X, even compared to the ps4 pro. I also have the ps4, especially in the campaigns – I would say the Xbox one X produced better pictures. Next thing is, I also upgraded into the mouse. I was actually using this MX anywhere Mouse and, as you can see this a very compact Mouse.

I have used this for about two and half years, but not as giving problems, and I was mostly using this mouse on my sad office here in the desk set up, so I upgraded to this mouse. This is known as the MX master 2 s, and this is actually a really great Mouse compared with three different devices works on any surface, a lot of buttons and stuff, as you can see – and this is one of the premium Logitech mouse and I had purchased It again on Amazon sale for about five thousand five hundred generally, it’s between 5502 6593 at four.

I had got about three years ago now: I’ve gretel to the Panasonic gh4 and some of the new unboxings that you see are being shot with that and I really like it and moving forward in 2099 hope to move to 4k. When I have all my setup, all the other cameras in 4k, especially I’m stuck with Canon, because this the can APD that I am using this – is not in 4k. That’S the reason I’m not posting in 4k, but yeah really love the canon g h5, loving it and it’s a good investment.

I feel and it’ll last me for the next couple of years and lastly, this is not. This might be silly, but I also have grid in my printer and in the just last Amazon sale. I picked up this printer. This is known as the HP Deskjet 5:08 five all-in-one printer, and this is a Wi-Fi printer, and I also liked the fact that it asked you Plex, printing and on sale. I picked it up for just 6000 rupees and for that price I would say it’s really good.

I use it almost every day print or two three pages, and this one gets the job done. I really like the that it’s Varla, so I can keep it anywhere. I’Ve kept it in corner of my office and also as it’s duplex. It can print both sides of the pages. So just with a single page, it prints, it picks it back and project on the other side and for the price, it’s a really good one. So these are my top ten gadgets that I’ve got in 2018 and these are the gadgets that I use almost on an everyday basis and if I had to purchase them again, I would have done that anyways.

What love to know your list of gadgets. What do you have purchased in 2018, and could you justify it and will you purchase it again? Do let me know in the comment section below that’s it for now and guys if you really want. I can also post another article, one of my some of my first purchases that I did in 2018 because I have purchased a lot of products and some very expensive products that if I would have to buy it again, I would have never bought it anyways guys.

That’S it for now for this article thanks for reading this is Ranjit and if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube blog hit that subscribe button thanks for reading this is Ranjit and I hope to see you in my next article take care guys


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