Motorola One Macro Unboxing _ Overview with Macro Lens

That is Motorola one macro, and this is the box itself, doesn’t give us a lot of specs here. It says that it has a high camera system, plus laser auto focusing system, and the big thing with this one is that macro vision, camera. That is, that a macro camera for very close up obstacle.

It says that it can get almost about five times closer than conventional cameras and it is sparked by the mediatek helio p70 chipset. That’S an octa-core comes with 4 gigabytes of RAM and says four thousand milliamp power battery and guys. This is a review nut. So I don’t know the exact pricing as of now once I know the pricing I’ll, add it in the description. So let’s quickly open this up and have a look, it’s has multiple seal.

So let me just remove those here and here so here is the Motorola one device and Riaan. It says that a I camp camera with laser autofocus, macrovision and other stuff – that’s just peel this off, and this is the device. Surprisingly, the case is actually pre attached. As you can see, so that’s actually pretty cool, as you can see, and we have that main camera then to camera, and I think so laser auto focusing system and LED flash here.

We also have a Motorola logo, I’m assuming that might be the fingerprint we’ll know that any else. What else do we get in the box? Let’S see so we get a sim ejector tool over here and some documentation, readme guide and all those things and we get a USB cable. Let’S see if it’s Type C or not nice to see, we are getting a Type C cable that I always appreciate. So you’re getting that – and this might be the charger guys and let me keep the box to the side, and I believe this is a normal Motorola, a 10 watt charger that we are getting in the box and, as you can see the case, is there pre-attached.

So I will just remove this case and the back is that polycarbonate back again, as you can see, it gives this gradient finished darker at the top lighter at the bottom. Let me give you a physical overview. First, on the top, we have a 3.5 mm headphone Jax. Secondly, noise cancellation, microphone, I believe – and here we have the volume rockers and the power on/off partner. The back is entirely maker ended up of polycarbonate.

Guys bottom would be the vent for the speaker, type C. Port main microphone, and on this end we have this SIM tray and let’s see the configuration, what is it? It’S a doula, some hybrid guys that we are getting on this one and guys this. As of now from what documentation I got, there is only one variant of this one that comes with 64 GB of internal storage and 4 gigabytes of RAM and back we have that camera setup.

So, let’s do one thing: let’s just power this on and by the time it actually boots up and I set it up. Let me give you a configuration overview. This Motorola 1 macro is having the 6.2 and HD plus screen it’s right by the mediatek helio p. 70 octa-core processor clocked at 2 gigahertz. It comes with 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64gb of internal storage. It also has a water repellent nano coating going to the camera.

It has a great triple camera setup. Main camera is a 13 megapixel with F 2.0. It also has laser auto focusing system 2 megapixel camera is Ford M. Then we also have the special 2 megapixel camera. That is the macro lens going to the front-facing camera. It’S an F 2.2 lens and it also has a four thousand milliamp hour battery, so guys. I’Ve just finished setting up this device and, like all Motorola devices, a very clean, almost stock Android that you are seeing, except for some Motorola specific apps, as you can see.

So we have that moto actions and all those things you can customize. This is what we see with almost every moto device. We have this, so these are actually nice things, but no bloatware or anything unnecessary, apps, so very close to stock Android that you are getting on this one and, as you can see left, we have the Google now pane and top again. These are your quick settings over here and if we click here out of that, 64gb you’ll have about 15 1.

1 gigabytes of space free and if we go to about system and if we go to about the phone, it’s running on Android version 9 as of now, But yes, this will also be getting the Android 10 later on. So that’s regarding that so again, clean UI that you are getting or we also have digital. Well, being I mean that Motorola specific motor actions, moto peak and all those things as you can see, you have those this moto actions is also nice, for example, that double chop for the flashlight and all this thing – and it also has this – is the physical fingerprint Scanner here at the back, so let’s see and again I have to say that is really really fast.

As you can see, though, it’s, what do you say it’s just a hiss D plus screen about the quality of the screen. What they have put is actually nice, as you can see, it’s going to do some updates and let it do so yeah, it’s downloading some stuff, so anyways. But the big thing about this device is that camera on this one, and especially that macro lens that we are having. So let’s have a closer look at this one and see how it does also as its having that four thousand me amp hour battery the MediaTek p70 chipset is actually pretty power efficient, so I’m assuming this one will actually get some pretty good battery life.

Also, as I told you, it’s actually pretty light to hold, and let’s so far up the camera interface so or just allow all this, and we have this macro mode over here. So this is the special one and oh, this is interesting. The in article also, you can take macro, so that’s actually nice, but let’s just switch regular mode. This is a regular shot that we have taken backup and all these things, and let me do one thing – switch to macro.

Let me switch to Mac. Oh there’s. Some clothes of small font and all these things I think yeah Wow, so the laser autofocus is assisting it has that laser autofocus and if you notice this was a pretty small that text or whatever I couldn’t even read it with my eyes, were a desk word, But let me actually take some samples out door, so we have this mode over your macros non macro. We can just go back to the regular.

You will have to portrayed more, it starter, be the depth, I’m as you may. Yes and you can adjust amount of background blur, you want, as you can see the slider over here, how much background blur you want. You can adjust that, so that’s actually nice. So let’s go to the front-facing camera and it’s supposed to be 8 megapixel, so that also has autofocus, and we also have the blur this blur option.

As you can see, so you have that portrait mode even with this one. So again they have this and you can toggle all the stuffs. But let me do one thing: let me actually take some more sample shots with this one so that you have a better idea regarding the camera, so these were shot with the regular rate facing camera and, as you can see, it did a good job. The colors look actually natural as they are, but now this was actually taken with the macro lens and just notice.

The difference I mean this was with the regular one, and this was taken with a macro, see how close we could get again. This was with the regular lens, and this was with the macro. So again, you can get some incredible detail with this macro lens and also because of the laser autofocus. Even when you go very close, it’s in focus – and these were some random shots that I took with the regular lens.

I mean this one was with the macro, even in artificial lighting conditions, as you can see, it did a good job normal to human subjects. Here also, it did a good job, as you can see with these samples, and you are unable the portrait pokey mode now moving to the front-facing camera. These are some of the samples, and here I enable the portrait bokya mode with the front-facing camera. This was taken with the regular lens, and here I enable the macro, see the difference and here also regular lens.

But when I went to macro see how close I could go. Another example. This was with the regular lens and now, with the macro lens, see the amount of detail that I could get again. These were taken with the macro lens and just see how close I could go to the object with the macro lens so guys, that’s it. For now for the unboxing, I really like the fact that it comes with almost stock and right and now moving to the camera had a look at the samples that we have taken.

When definitely, I would say, the camera actually produced some very good results, and if we talk about that macro lens, I was surprised with the and I have to say the macro photographs that we caught were very good. And certainly at this price point I would say, the macro lens is something very unique on this one and no other handset offers it but anyways. What do you guys think about this Motorola? One macro.

Do let me know in the comment section below that’s it. For now, thanks for reading, this is Ranjith and I hope to see you in my next article


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