Mi 27W Superfast Charger Tested with Various Smartphones

This is a 27 water charger that sells for 999 rupees, and quite a few of you have asked me to test this, and will it make your existing phones charge faster or not? So, as you can see, I have a bunch of smartphones here and we’ll test. This out and see how it works. As you can see here, we have this power meter, so this shows us how much wattage it’s pulling and Xiaomi claims that they’re new.

This is the redmi. K20 pro supports this 27. What fast charger, so i’m assuming! Yes, it will work with this one, but what about other phones? For example? We have the poco. This is the red DK 20. This is the a 2 6 z, the 1 class 7 pro and even Samsung’s, as of now flagship, the S 10 class. So we’ll test this and see so, let’s first quickly test with this k20 Pro and I’m as even guessed, it will support it.

So, let’s do that and I’ve plugged it and and as you can see, it says 18 watt and it’s slowly showing in the meter and it’s detected as charging it in turbo. So I’ll just switch off the screen and it takes a couple of seconds guys. So, as you can see, it’s pulling in around 25 watts, so 25 26 watts it’s pulling. So definitely yes, this 27 watt charger does make a difference with this k20 Pro, as you can see over here.

So let’s just pull this out. We’Ll keep this to the side and now, let’s test with this poco, quite a few of you have asked me to test it with poco, because the poco team says that this is also Qualcomm quick charge for certified. So, let’s see if it makes any difference or not so I’m just going to plug this in and let’s look at the meter and it’s pulling it II, you did go to ten. Let’S just wait for some time.

Sometimes it takes a couple of seconds to ramp. It up so you have 12 watts it’s pulling it’s pulling at 1719 watts, so slightly better than the 18 watt charger it’s pulling at 19 point it’s going back to about 18! So, yes, it goes till about 19. So, yes, technically the poco it’s slightly faster than the 18 watt charger, but no way in here the 27, what charging claimed, as you can see as it’s hovering between that it, it’s just jumping between the 18 and 16.

So yes, so if you have a poco, if you buy this 20 cent watt charger, it won’t make a big difference. Regular 18 watt charger is more than enough for the poco. Now, let’s go back to this k20. This is not the pro the regular K, xx and Xiaomi claims that the supports till 18 watt. So, let’s see, if we go with this faster charger, will it charge slightly faster or not so let’s just put this and test so it’s charging and pulling it.

Let’S say it’s: 13: it’s going go slightly higher arm assuming like 17 years 19, so it’s going around 19. So again, back to 18, so similar results to the poco, I would say even with the regular K 20, so it won’t make a significant difference. I would say if you are going with that 27 watt charger, but it is pulling up to about 19. I didn’t expect that I expected that to max out at around 18 so, but it’s pulling at around 19 watts, as you can see, but this one and now let’s look at the issue 6e.

This also has the Snapdragon 85 SOC. This has that massive battery and, let’s see if this 27 watt charger charges that faster because issues claims maximum it can pull, is about 18 watts. So, let’s test that that’s poor put this in and nine slowly ramping it should go. At least in 1516 am assuming 10 watt and guys I have like discharge all of them around 20 % or so so that it does pull in power 20 to 25 %, and strangely this is not pulling in that much it’s going up slowly.

It’S actually going up very very slowly on the sexy, as you can see now, it’s around up to 13 watts was stuck at around 11 earlier and it’s still increasing. So yes think so this might go till yeah. It’S 14 point almost 15 watts. Now. So yes going still so I think so this will max out at about that 1718. What I’m assuming it’s stabilized at about! Sixteen point five, sixteen point, so it’s very slowly creeping up guys, so we can assume that yes, this won’t pull, tells that 27 watts or above even 18 watts with the 6e, and we also have the one class seven Pro.

This requires that charging. But let’s see what happens if you use this one and I’ve put it and it is charging it says. So, let’s see just pulling at about eight watts and it’s not increasing so yeah. This is the thing with the oneplus guys if you’re having a one plus device, you have to use that charger if you use any third party charger or even qualcomm. Certified charges like this, as you can see max it’s pulling, is about eight point, three watts and lastly, let’s also check this is the Samsung Galaxy S, ten, plus that I have let’s check this one and plug that end and it is started charging.

So it’s pulling about sixteen point: five, three five watts so yeah. This also won’t make a difference above 18 watt charger, as you can see so yeah about sixteen point, five. Three. Sixteen point, four, eight. So, to conclude, guys, I would say, if you’re going with this twenty seven, what charger make sure your smartphone manufacturer on their website says that it supports 20s and watts of fast charging? If it doesn’t, it will simply not charge it faster.

For example, we have seen that the poco and even the a so 6e and etc so again before buying this charger check your manufacturer’s website to see if it supports this 20s and what fast charging is the max is 15 or 18 watt just magically putting this Charge of what make it charge faster and yes, with the poco, we were averaging about 18 and peanuts, anyways guys, that’s it for now. For this article thanks for reading this is Ranjith and I hope to see you in my next article take care guys


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