MediaTek Helio P90 Overview – Most Powerful Chipset By MediaTek Yet

After that we saw the P 70, but anyways. We have the p90 chipset and I just want to highlight what are the new improvements and changes that we will see in the Helio p90 chipset in this article.

So first, let’s talk about the chipset, and here things have changed. Even the Helio p90 chipset is an octa-core processor, but now how its divided is actually very different from earlier Helio. P, 60 chipset. In fact, it’s divided in two parts. One is a dual-core part, and other is a six core part, so this is actually very different from earlier here. Pitch be chipsets and the two core parts is actually in the powerful apart.

That’S based on the arm, cortex 875 architecture, and this can be actually clocked up to two point. Two gigahertz and the other six core, which you could say is the power efficient, is a clock that can be actually clocked at up to two gigahertz and it’s based on the arm. Cortex, a 55 and also another new thing with this p90 chipset, is that it has the new APU for enhanced AI. What do you say, enhancements I’ll talk about that in the later part of the article, but now moving to the memory, which is also dependent on the chipset.

This one also supports the lpddr4 X Ram and the maximum frequency of this ROM can be up to 1866 megahertz and a smartphone can have a support up to 8 gigabytes of RAM, so smartphones launching what this chipset can have up to 8 gigabytes of RAM and Also, apart from that, it also supports the high speed: u FS, a 2.1 storage. Apart from that, the biggest thing that I mentioned to this chipset as the new apu, which actually has four times more processing power than the previous MediaTek yo, P, 60 or P Sandee chipset in terms of AI, so it can handle a I toss at ease.

This p90 also has a new version of core pilot which actually helps it to give the peak performance longer battery life and also operate at a lower temperature, and just like the GOP 60 and the P 70. This chipset also supports the AI frameworks for the common ones, like TF light caffeine, caffeine based on the media, Tex Nero pilot SOC, and so that developers can actually make enhance AI applications, and it also actually supports Google Android neural networks API.

Because of this enhanced a, I actually can analyze actions and poses of multiple people in real time and can detect actually multiple objects in a scene, and this can aid in also low-light photography and bouquet pictures and stuff further because of this enhanced AI. It also aims you in photography, and also the chipset, actually supports Google lens deep learning. Facial detection, algorithm, real-time beautification is also there and also scene identifications lat.

What we have seen in flagship smartphone, for example, if you move from subject to subject it automatically recognizes the scene. To summarize, I would say these are the things that the AI acceleration does now moving to the imaging this mediatek helio p90 chipset also supports camera senses. Up to 48 megapixel and can also capture what do you say, article at 30fps without any delay and also regarding slow motion.

It can actually record slow motion up to 480 fps going to dual camera setup, which is actually very common these days again. This can have a combination up to 24 + 16 megapixels for dual cameras. What is a combination, and also as the new triple is V, is, and has it provides the real-time bouquet preview and stuff, like you, have seen an advanced smartphone and also apart from that. It also has hardware image, stabilization and real-time AI recognized for that.

The beautification phase, beautification and stuff – and this actually works on images as well as on articles now, I’m going to connectivity just like the Helio, P, 60 and the P 70. The new media rec piece 90 chipset also has advanced 4G and reliable connectivity, and it also actually has fast 4G LTE performance, and they say that that also has advanced ims, which is actually supported by 150 cellular operators worldwide.

So, even if you travel internationally, then this will have the connectivity and also you don’t have to worry about. What do you say Wi-Fi it supports 2 by 2, Wi-Fi AC and bluetooth support up to 500 s also provided and just like the earlier versions of the P 60 and P 70. This also supports dual 4G volte, so you are actually covered going to displace the Helio p90 chipset also supports full HD, plus resolutions and screen aspect ratios from 20.

Up to 20 watt is to 9, so you are covered with those modern, a screen aspect ratio. To sum it up, I would say the p90 chipset looks like impressive mid-range chipset from media attack and again it’s a very powerful large chipset, based on the a 75 and a 55 based course, but also has a lot of new enhanced AI functionality. Thanks to the apu version 2 that we have mediatek has actually not a as of now announced any specific products about this one.

But I’ve heard that in the first quarter of 2019 we will be seeing some devices and smartphones having the Helio p90 chipset and based on the past performance from the Helio P, 60 and the p7 beam. I am looking forward to test them all. So what do you think about the Helio p90 chipset? Do, let me know in the comment section below guys: that’s it for now for this article thanks for reading and if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube blog did that subscribe button.

This is Ranjith and I hope to see you in my next article take care guys


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