MediaTek G90 _ G90T SOC Overview – Gaming Chipsets

Let’S talk about the new chips launched by mediatek, and these were actually launched in India generally other what he said. Chip manufacturers always launched it in the US or other countries, and I’m really happy that mediatek a launch. This new series of chipsets in India, and fact they launched two chipsets, the G 90 and the g9 TT and media text – says that if you notice this is known as the Helio of of G 90 and earlier, or what do you say, mediatek chipset so P.

So the G actually denotes the gaming. So let’s talk about them in this article. So let’s talk about the architecture first – and this is also octa-core processor, based on 12 nanometer process, but it’s actually divided two powerful cores and these powerful cores are the ARM. Cortex, 876 and other six cores are based on the arm cortex a 55, and these can be clocked up to two point: zero, five gigahertz.

The important thing is the chip you, the gpo of this one is the mali g $ 0.76 GPU, and this can be plugged up to 800 megahertz, so it should actually provide pretty good performance for gaming and also in terms of ROM. This supports actually lpddr4 x, rom up to 10 gigabytes again, and we have two variants: I’ll talk about the differences later between the regular G 90 and the G 9 TT. But again, many of you might also be having this question in terms of Snapdragon Association, which one does this one compete and, according to media attack this one.

Actually, the g9 t, g9 d t series competes with the Snapdragon 730 SOC s and in fact, during the press event, they showed some benchmark scores and, as you can see, with the benchmark scores. Yes, it definitely goes ahead in terms of antutu, and even now, with the Geekbench, as you can now see so looks like it’s going to be a very interesting chipset. Even for gaming. Now, moving to the gaming as mediatek was claiming about gaming performance with this one, they have this thing called the media tech hyper engine which is specifically for gamers, and this actually provides not free touch response, so the touch response is actually very fluid on.

That’S one. Thanks to the new hyper engine that we have on the C 90 series of chips, I also MediaTek say, is that it has enhanced colors and also support for HDR 10 for vivid what he said pictures and for enhanced gaming. Also, it has something like this. This is known as the intelligent network predictor engine and here what it does is, for example, if you’re gaming, for example, let’s say pop genius.

This is heavily dependent on the network and, let’s say there is some problem with your Wi-Fi network. It automatically within milliseconds latches to your LTE network, so that your gaming experience is not interacted, so they have this intelligent network prediction which it’s in gaming and also another interesting thing is that this one actually supports the GPU series supports dual of simultaneous Wi-Fi.

That means it can connect to two different routers. For example, let’s say your first router: it can connect to 2.4 gigahertz and you have a second Wi-Fi router. It can connect to 5 triggers again for the best Network latency. So these are some of the features that are announced for gaming, and, apart from that, the general things that you expect with media deck chipsets are still there. For example, it does support deal volte.

Also, it has that 3x carrier aggregation and also 4×4 x- or enhanced Wi-Fi, and also all the AI capabilities that we have seen with earlier media deck chipsets. Now you might be also asking what’s the main difference between the G 90 and the G 98 T. Essentially, these are both the same chipsets, but the g9 TT is slightly more enhanced in terms of RAM. The G 90 can be configured with a maximum of 8 gigabytes of RAM, whereas the 90 T can go up to 10 gigabytes of France.

Both do support lpddr4 and ROM and also in terms of camera. The G 90 has support for max of 48 megapixel camera with the triple camera setup, whereas the 90 P has 64 megapixel and support for up to quad cameras and also in terms of for display. The regular G 90 has 60 Hertz max display support, whereas the G 9 TT has support for enhanced screen that can support up to 90 Hertz display and that dual Wi-Fi and also another thing is that this is interesting.

It also has dual wake up. What do you say voice come on, for example, let’s say if you want to have to voice assistance like hey, Google and Amazon Alexa, you can have two hot keywords with the G 90 series, so essentially very good chipsets, and the good thing is that Xiaomi also Manu Jen was there at the human he has announced that Xiaomi will be launching a new for gaming, centric smartphone with this new g9 t DS chipsets.

So, let’s see when it comes out and to be very interesting to see when we see new smartphones with this chipset – and I think so we will see some new gaming centric smartphones under the 20000 price man. Thanks to this new Jeet 90 series of chipsets anyways guys, what do you think about the same? Do let me know in the comment section and whenever new products launch with this G 90 of the g9 TT. However, definitely a test them out and let you guys know the actual real-world performance anyways guys, that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading, this is Ron G that I hope to see you in my next article take advice.


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