MediaTek Dimensity 1000 Flagship 5G Mobile SOC Overview

Let’S talk about media Tech’s, new chipset that is known as media takes time and 70,000, and if you guys, if you recall, media attack, has been releasing a long range chipset. But this new media tech diamond city chipset, is a new chipset, which is actually a flagship chipset, but this also has the first Phi G mobile associate accredit. That means a Phi G modem is integrated in the chipset, so very interesting move by mediatek and let’s go over it and, as you can see this image, this give you the broad overview about the chipset, what it does, but let’s get down to it and first, Let’S break down the chipset, my name is octa-core chipset, guys and again it has four powerful course and four power efficient course.

The powerful cores are actually based on a most powerful arm, cortex a 77, and they can be climbed up to 2.6 gigahertz and we’re asked other photos which are the power efficient. Are the ARM Cortex a 55, and apart from this again, a GPU is also very important. Think about the chipset, and this one has the latest Mali, g77 GPU, which is actually having a nine core GPU. If you guys recall the last mediatek chipset, that was the mid-range g9 TT was based on the media um.

What do you say? Mali g76, but this is based on the g77 and sand 9 coach, it’s red, so the graphic performance should be actually really really good. On this one and this SOC can support up to 16 gigabytes of vram and it can support the new ddr4 X, not the regular ddr4, but the ddr4 X, which is even better for high speeds. Now, as it’s a media deck chipset again, you know they do a lot of work on ai and stuff.

So here also we have the AI coprocessor, but now it’s actually a hexa core, ai processor and immediate. It likes to call this the APU 3, which has enhanced AI operations and stuff, and they say that it can boost the performance up to 4.5 teraflops per second, so again, a huge improvement. Now, let’s not about the Feige modem, which is the main thing about this. One and this works in the sub 6 gigahertz modem, and this also has carrier aggregation even for 5, you so it can actually combine multiple fire connections for very high speed connections and according to media that it can deliver up to four point: seven gigabytes of performance On Phi G and also it’s backward compatible from two g25 chief, so that’s also a very interesting thing and also immediately claims that this is also very power efficient, chipset, because the Phi G modem is actually within the chip itself.

It’S not a separate part like many other vendors are doing its embedded in the chip. Hence it is actually very more efficient than other effigy chipsets and also can operate at a lot faster speeds to provide that great Phi G experience – and this is a very interesting again. You know most of the mediatek chipsets do support that dual SIM functionality, but on the media, take this diamond society in a thousand is the first SOC in the world that supports dual 5g, and so you do have that dual Phi G functionality – and it also supports The features like vo and our that is a voiceover new radio, or why it’s over Phi G that we call so those all protocols are supported now coming to other connectivity.

The chipset built in has support for the new Wi-Fi 6, which can provide speeds up to 1 gigabit and also the new bluetooth. 5.1 support is integrated in the chipset also, and FM support is also there on the chipset. Now, let’s also talk about the camera, because camera is also a very important part of the chipset and according to media tech, this dining 3,000 SOC actually has new phicorp ISP. That’S the unit signaling process.

Generally, we find one core to core, but this one actually has five code and again they have divided it between three big cores and two small codes there by dividing the work for more efficiency, and it can also support cameras up to 80 megapixel. So again, very good. Another good thing is that this is something new. They say that this chipset has I’m recording for multi exposure 4k HDR, so it actually captures according to them short medium and long exposures, for each frame when you’re shooting article for that great 4k.

Hdr experience and they also showed some benchmarks. I got info about it as you can see on the screen. If you look at it, I’m to do score is file at eleven thousand three hundred sixty three so insane and again you’re, not the geek benchers core. So certainly, some mind-boggling figures that we are getting with this one. So this is a general overview of this one. I can’t wait to see again. We will see smartphones with this one again.

Media Tech hasn’t announced any specific dates, but I assume that in 2020 we should be seeing some smartphones with this diamond said: the thousand SOC, let’s fight G, what you say capable smartphones so anyways. What do you guys think about this media tech time? Thirty thousand chipset do. Let me know in the comment section below again guys. I got all this information most of the information from the media tech web page, so I’ll leave that link in the description below so that you can check it out for more info anyways, guys, that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading this is Ranjith and I hope to see you in my next article take care guys


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