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I believe you are doing this life Q & A after. Almost two years last we did was sometime in 2016. Let me quickly guys check how is the feed and then we’ll continue. Let me check the audio guys and to post your questions. You have to posted wha Twitter use the hash tag, ask a Kiki Ranjit, that’s what you have to do, for example, see the description area nice where I have mentioned and I’ll be picking up.

Your questions. Use the hash tag that is ask a geeky, Ranjit and I’ll be picking up your question. This is a brute setup that I am doing the live stream via that. Let me quickly check the audio guys if it’s fine, because I have four five windows, as you can see, and doing everything alone. Let me see for you, I was the audio seems to be fine. So, let’s quickly just started taking up the questions, it’s the live stream, guys so the quality, actually, I’m trying it with this new software.

That is obvious for some reason, my paid version of vodcast was giving issues. So what I’ve noticed with OBS is after the life feed is finished, then the quality improves are quite a bit. So that’s what it is. So let me quickly just take up the questions now. Let me move to Twitter and I’ve just taken up. Maybe if these live streams go well, I’m just going to try out one more randomly in 2019. Then maybe, if you guys like it, we can continue over time.

Do it every week, but let’s quickly just look at the questions. I’M just going to pick up a few of them quite a few. Actually we have caught. So, let’s move to the questions, and here, as you can see this first question, let’s Shiva, he is asking hello, sir. I am using the iPhone 6 X 4 over 2.5 years, and do you think I should wait for the s10? I mean, I think so you may are implying that galaxy s 10 or by the iPhone 10 are what we prize of the estate according to rumors.

The Galaxy S 10 will be like showcased or sort of announced in MWC of 2019, that is in February, so I’m expecting by March. There will be official launch and by end of March it should be available, but guys from what we are hearing. The pricing of the s10 will be on the higher side. It’S going to be a premium phone, so expect around 68 thousand to about 65 also, and we are hearing that it might have multiple variants of the s10.

So if you want to wait, if you won from let’s say your iOS, because 6s is a pretty old phone now, you can wait, but certainly the iPhone 10 R was a good for. I mean check out my in-depth review with the pros and cons. I would say in terms of iPhones: it has the best battery life and, to be frank, it is a very good phone, but just wait for some deals on the iPhone 10 are because, as of nice, feel then game pricing is too high, but eventually we find Some deals so wait for a deal if you want for the iPhone Tanakh and then you get those three then cashback then go ahead for it roam bite at the flow rate.

It’S too expensive, no Frank opinion. Let’S move to the next one, and this is again a crow is asking he says one plus six and sixty have great camera hardware. So why is it so difficult for them to optimize the camera? Software, like Google, does for improving sharpness and image quality, because the software team is amazing. I would say that the one plus six and the one plus 60 have the best hardware in terms of camera.

In fact it’s not, they can improve and I’m hoping the one plus seven actually improves the hardware, a camera hardware. So I’m having really high hopes, I would say, if you’re, using a 1 plus, what do you say, 6 and 60, and if you just take sentry shots and stuff you snap seed by Google, it’s an app. It’S really enhances it again. It’S the licensing thing I mean if the Google camera does all this magic wash software, but legally you just can’t copy a vendor’s can’t enable that, because Google has actually licensed it, that’s the reason we don’t find it on other phones.

Yes, you can put it G. Cam and stuff, if you want there are a lot of ports available for the 1 + 6 +, 60 G cam. You can do that if you want, but officially I don’t think so. We are going to get. What do you say? G cam support of the one class – hopefully the 1 + – 7 hardware – camera hardware – I’m hoping they would really improve because you know this is almost the same hardware from almost prior 3 generation and the secondary lens.

That’S the 20 megapixel is hardly doing anything great on the 1 plus devices. So let’s move to the next question guys and let me again check audio is fine. That’S a good thing! Ok, couple of more questions. This is by a poor he’s asking: should the one by the Asus zenfone 5 Z, 256 gigabyte variant at 29,000, or wait for the a soon zenfone 6 Z. The PI is cap of 845 8855 can compensate for the extra 10,000 rupees.

I frankly feel 256 GB is sort of a work kill. Why do you want to 56 gigabytes of storage? Let’S be frank, are you going to use that word storage if not just go with the lower end of Aegon? Now the zenfone finds Z is on sale and I believe the base variant is at 125 thousand and I feel for 25000. It’S a good bet. The zenfone 6 Z is not going to come out anytime soon, guys it’s going to take a lot of time, I’m assuming any time.

I don’t me or June before that. That is the second quarter of this year. I don’t expect the Asus zenfone 6 Z to come out so again, if you can get it till that time, you wait else. If you want our device right now, I think the Phi Z was on sale for 25,000. It’S a good price. This is by an Keith Kumar. Should we go for the poco f16 gigabyte 128 at 22,000? I know of ESU’s Phi Z. 6 DB 800. This is a very interesting question.

I would say in terms of camera, I feel the poco f1 is better than the zenfone 5 Z, but build quality premium Ness the looks, etc. The sound output is better on the zenfone 5 Z because of the stereo speaker so again decide based on that. If camera his priority, the poco effort over that part – if you can be okay, they’re, not very picky, about camera, okay, camera performance is good enough. Then the Phi Z makes more sense.

I hope it helps so, let’s just quickly move through the next questions. Guys – and I hope you are okay. Let’S move to some other questions. Okay, I’ve already taken a question about 1 + / y Banton yeah. I also feel oneplus should not discontinue their world version. I filled 1 + 6, so it was a very good handset but anyways. Let’S move to the next one. This is Jenny’s. Asking xiaomi strategy has changed by launching note 6 pro but snapdragons 636, and can we see much more stuff like this in 2019? Equally waiting for the real me to adopt Android 1 and 2019, yes, this year.

Finally, speaking strong, he hasn’t been very aggressive and I was also very very surprised when this redmi note 600 came with the snapdragon 636, but I feel in early 2019, just in a month or two, you will see an update to the redmi note 6 pro with The snapdragon 616 there are also rumors that xiaomi is also working on another phone with the snapdragon 675 chipset, so the other phone start will be coming out.

Yes, the remote 6 pro was just nothing great and my Frank opinion, but don’t worry from what rumors I’m hearing Xiaomi is going to launch a new phone one with the s60 and one what’s actually Snapdragon 675 SOC, but I hope they are aggressive in pricing rush. Lately, let’s be very fine, xiaomi hasn’t been very aggressive in terms of pricing. Let’S go to the next one. This is by who was this one? Second, this is by no he’s.

Can Nokia 8.1 beat honor view 10 and zenfone 5 Z in terms of camera performance? I think so it can the rear-facing camera. My primary son was actually in an ok 8.1. I’Ve used it for you baby. Very some guys. I feel the rear facing camera is really really good. On the okay point, one, I didn’t do a side-by-side test with the honor view 10. So I can’t comment, but I feel yes, the rear facing camera can be both the zenfone 5 Z and even the honor phone that you have mentioned, but the front facing camera.

For some reason, guys don’t get me wrong it’s over sharp. So whenever you take pictures of human subjects of your face, it looks really really weird read my unboxing article of the Roque point one and look at the camera samples in full screen to understand what I’m saying so, hopefully I hope / they fix start with their Update, that’s the reason I’m not liking the front-facing camera, but rear-facing camera is actually really good.

Other 8.1 corrected you where it is. They have put a good camera. Finally, on a Nokia device, let’s move to the next question, so this is a very interesting question. Okay, first, let’s take this Amman, I don’t know you like custom UI. Even I prefer the same. I didn’t like custom me. I don’t prefer custom you guys, but here’s a tricky question. If you have to choose between oxygen, OS and stock on Drive, which will you choose because oxygen is OS – is close to stock Android? Yes, a pretty tricky question over there.

I guess oxygen. Os is very close to stock Android and the add some extra stuff. That is useful, I would say compared to stock Android. But again I still given a choice. I would say I would go with the stock Android because of privacy reasons, because again, I’m a little bit paranoid about privacy. After what Tommy did with me, why consulting ads and stuff so again, I prefer plain stock Android experience over any skin UI from these Chinese members.

You might hate me for this, but this is the Frank answer: let’s move to the next one, this is pretty interesting question. This is: is it better to buy an iPhone for 1.5, not lasting up to six years with other benefits or gaiter? Oh 1, +, 6 or 7, or the s10 that lasts up to 3 years or less. Let’S be very frank guys, I don’t think so. The iPhone tennis max, who you are talking about will last for six years, but yeah iPhones without any problems, can last up to four years.

I know some of my distant friends actually having iPhones that are over four years and still working fine, so yeah. It will. Last for about four years, but again, who will technically get so poor after four years? Eventually, even if your phone is working, you might update, or the condition of the fourth physically might be so bad that you will upgrade so don’t expect that you use it for six years.

Realistic thing is about three or four years. So if that is your criteria, then yeah you can save a lot of money going the Android route, the one plus six teeth, one plus seven is coming or the Galaxy S, then obviously will be a lot cheaper. In fact, I’m expecting the Galaxy S team to be the half the price of the iPhone tennis mass, so yeah, if rising, is your highest concern. Yes, I feel Android is still better.

I phone won’t last actively for six years unless you have got a baby yet so let me quickly move to the next question guys. A lot of people are still asking about the pooka phone. It’S a good phone guys. This is by not, which should I bite the f-18 gigabyte RAM or the zenfone 5 Z under 25,000. To be very frank, still, I would say you don’t require eight gigabytes of RAM 6. Gb is more than enough. So again, as I’ve told you, if camera is your highest priority, poke where fun will go ahead, rest build quality speakers etc.

The zenfone 5 Z will go ahead. Frankly speaking, you don’t need 8 gigabytes of RAM. It’S a gimmick. 6 gigabytes is more than enough. This is my melon that he is asking, which is the best nokia phone to buy right now around 20,000. It’S the nokia bringing some new phones in the coming one or two months house, snapdragons, 636 millander at 20,000 price point. I don’t think so. We have any great Nokia phones.

Let me just go back yeah, we don’t have any great Rokia phones and let us do that new nokia phone once the 7.1 class or something at 20,000. That simply does not make any sense, because already we have the MOOC a 6.1 Plus that’s having the Snapdragon 636, which is for what 15 16 thousand. So if you really want you can go with that, but the camera on that one is actually pretty weak. This okiya 8.1 is actually better, but I feel it’s frankly overpriced at 27,000.

I apologized it and wait for my reviews. I also got some paint chipped off and stuff like that with regular usage. So I don’t know I feel if in China, actually it was priced at around 18,000, actually something about 10,000 extra in India, which I feel is not justified. I feel it should have been price down 22,000. So yeah, you really want a great for Nokia for with great camera in the nokia 8.1, the new one is actually gone.

Let’S move to the next one: okay, let’s move to some of the computer is the JBL clipper to bluetooth speaker worth buying in 2018. Oh, I didn’t like the JBL clipper to speaker that much the Logitech X 50. I feel that as much better than the JBL clip the GBA clip. I simply did not like that much. This is a computer related question. This buy raffle how’s your experience with the iMac Pro and your iMac specification.

Yes, I’m actually streaming this with a new iMac Pro connected. Actually, two monitors, even by 34 inch room monitor, but this lets me performing like a dream during these three he stuff like live streaming, etc. For example, earlier I was using this. This is my MacBook Pro it used to get for the fan use to blow really high speed. Even my microphone used to pick up, this is totally silent. It’S like nothing is actually going on right now.

The CP was is just using this 15 percent. This MacBook Pro would have maxed out at hundred percent with this kind of usage. So it’s really silent. It’S been working very well also in editing, even with 4k multiple Clips, it’s just cutting like butter. So yes, it is performing very well, but I think that’s a very, very pricey machine and unless you’re doing the commercial walk and you make money from the stuff that you’re doing – I don’t think so.

It’S justified for most of the users, I would say a regular and Mac. 27-Inch would be more than enough. So, let’s move to next question one second guys. Let me just refresh this okay. This is again a computer related question. Let’S just take this human is asking: where can I find refurbished Mac books in India? Is it poki to buy those, or can you suggest alternatives in 30 to five or thirty to fifty thousand range? Let me give you an idea.

I don’t know any online sites that are setting a lot of refurbish Mac’s go to a computer dealer. You have in a city, I have a computer dealer in my city and I used to actually buy a couple of old Macs from him. In fact, I’m hiring some people now and I might be buying some old Macs from him, so go and search for a good computer dealer and you can get some good deals on Macs. But, to be frank, if any of you guys know posted in the comments later on, do you know a site reputable site where people can buy a rift? What is a refurbished Macs in India? I don’t know about that.

Okay, that’s some earphones questions. This is by Kirk he’s asking. I want to purchase a pair of earphones for myself and I can’t choose between the boat bass, head 225 and and one more piston fed can he says I actually used to Bose head 255. It was fine, I would say what I liked about. This is obviously it has a lot of bass and, in fact, for the price. The adi poday was very good, but for some reason it used to just come out of my ears.

I didn’t well thank Lee test, the piston ones that you are talking about, so can’t comment about it. I really like the JBL see hundred hours. What is that see? How did I sign that will for about 700 rupees? Let’S move to the next one, and I mean a lot of questions. What is this part is asking: do you think real me will launch their new device with stock Android like Nokia, or else then create a new UI like oneplus, as both of the companies are separated from the parent? Welcome again read my article that I posted yesterday.

My thoughts about real mean and I frankly feel they have to actually do weather, because coloros is something that is holding on the real name devices and there have we actually rumors that the real meeting is working on their own UI. Let’S see if they really start in 2019, with some of the new smartphones that they are launching and yes, they will be launching a lot of phones. That’S what I’ve heard.

So, let’s move a lot of questions about yes, I’ll just take it, but I haven’t used this. This is by the SOL burn. What is the speed? Birch was RH a 650 watt versus sennheiser CS. It’S come again guys. I haven’t actually used this one and some questions about the poco f-fun. This is by Pronovias one and I feel the UI is too buggy. So should I unlock the bootloader I next install the pixel experience launcher as unlocking the bootloader will not void the warranty yeah.

You can do it if you are comfortable with that, but again. Yes, I’ve also heard from some of the user. I did update my poco to the latest update and the Android pipe right. He has I’ve heard some bugs. Are they so eventually? This is the problem with show me whenever they parts, in fact, some of the newer new Nokia phones, also that or the Android PI update, have a lot of perks. In fact, I remember, I see my review of the pixel 3 XL, even the pixel 3x, and have box only for the last update.

They have solved a lot of issues, so most of the new devices that are running on the Android PI have a lot of bugs. It will eventually get fixed with the next update. So you have to wait. That’S the bit because reason: when people ask me they want Android pay Android by feel it’s still little bunny. So just wait before updating. If you have a choice, let’s move to the next one on a play or the zenfone max bro.

This is an interesting one. Both of them are actually in a very different, a price segment, I would say, if you really want to build quality, is your highest. Constant styling is your highest concern. Then the honor play of whistling looks good and also it has a flagship processor. The only place with honor play is slightly weaker is the camera. So if camera is your highest priority, the zenfone max pro and 2’s camera is better than the owner play, but apart from that, I feel the on play is still a very good device.

This is an interesting question. This is my niche and he’s asking nokia 5 point the oneplus or the real me you one. If priority is gaming, I would say: priority is gaming than the real me you one. I will go with it in fact check my full review of the real me you one where I played pop g4 quite a bit and it played pop G. Fine in the graphics were also actually pretty decent on it. So forgiving. Definitely I would go with the or you’ll be as the chipset is also slightly better rather than you.

What do you say? Helio, P, 70, chipset. So there’s some interesting questions. Let’S just take them. This is by mr. Mohammed. When will issues and phone max prove will get Android pay update? I asked this question two issues guys about a couple of weeks ago when I met them and they said that for all they force the zenfone max go m2, etc. Updates will come end of January or early February. So that’s what I mention.

The zenfone 5 Z will get it a little bit early in January, but most of the other force they were saying end of January or February. So I’m hoping around February timeframe and Cole is asking: will you be doing any PC builds in the future? I won’t be doing any major PC builds because read some of my old articles, where I did that none of audience appreciates that. But if many of you asked me, I can actually test out some high-end.

What do you say? Laptops like gaming, laptops, allergy, nap, tops and stuff? So if there is an interest from you guys, I can test it out. Let me know about that. Let’S move some other questions, this is by Lakshmi Narayan. Media solutions are the best smartband, I would say in the budget range the. What was that Xiaomi me3 band is good, but now there is also a new one that is known as the honor band.

I believe it’s the version 4 on band 4 at 2500 or 600 rupees. I feel that is also a good bet, so you can check out that the owner band actually has liked color display, so looks actually cooler. I will say I personally haven’t desert or a bank, but I’m just checking out some of the Amazon comments and most were like sort of positive for that. Let’S move for: let’s quickly, move! Okay, let’s take this question again by McCole, which do you think has the best camera performance, pixel one mean a2 or the zenfone max pro mm1 with eg forget about the zenfone max pro m1, the zenfone max when one camera hardware is simply not that good.

So forget about it. I actually didn’t compare that with me, a 2, but still the pixel 1 camera is still actually pretty good guys. I was just a couple of months ago when I bought the Android Pi update. I checked the pixel 1 of the pixel 1. Camera is still actually really really good and it’s the Google software that is healthy. It’S not the raw camera hardware that is helping it so yeah, that’s the H.

We have with the pixel device and that’s quickly ask me about other stuff. Just smartphone related questions. I’M getting you can ask me about other stuff. Also equipment YouTube. What I use for editing it stuff, whatever. Ok, let’s! This is a pretty interesting question. Some computer question: let’s take this because I was trying to review what and this is by shot. Do you think that the MacBook Air 2018 is worth that look our P’s, 1 lakh 15,000? What camera do you suggest me to buy if I’m planning to buy one for taking photographs under 30 to 35 thousand again camera, I would say: go with the basic DSLR, the biggest thing people forget about DSLRs.

The lens on your camera is very important at that price point. You are just going to get the kit lens, but I would say if you have the spare money extra seven eight thousand go for the 50mm. What do you say? Portrait lens? It’S a prime lens and it’s a really good lens. So even the kit lens is okay about that prime lens 50mm at F, 100 is amazing, so the lens makes a huge difference already, I said, go with any of the budget DSLR.

If you also shoot article, I would prefer Canon, because Canon is a little bit better in terms of the article and what was the question yeah. The question part of the question was the MacBook it? Yes, if you notice all the Apple products this year, there has been a huge price increase and that’s the same even for the MacBook Air. Yes, the new MacBook Air has finally you’re getting the retina scan because earlier MacBook Air, I still have the MacBook Air.

The screen was the biggest disappointment I would say, but the MacBook is that I changed 13 and of 2013. It still works fine, so that weight has aged very well. But yes, certainly even the new MacBook Air, you are paying a huge premium. Let’S move to the next one: Rohit is asking rice on a plea: underrated your thoughts on the on plate. I can’t comment on on a plane because we haven’t seen it yes on a play.

I would say there was, I would say, Xiaomi spoiled the party for her on a plane on a plane when it was launched. There was a lot of hype around that, but just after 2 weeks of its launching xiaomi launched the pool and snapdragon 845 at 21,000. That is what overshadowed on and also on okay water was excellent device. Battery life was good, quality was amazing, I would say the chipset is the killin 970, which is very fast only down and thing that I was pulling it compared to the poco.

Was the camera? The camera the poco was far superior and because of the launch of the poco and the media, attention that it got snapdragon 845 at 21,000 that actually subdued the hype of the honor. I hope the honor play. They really improve the camera. So, let’s move to the next one, some gaming related questions and, what’s up time guys. Oh 25 minutes: okay, anyways! Let’S take this from the vh gaming, PC or gaming, console like Xbox or ps4, which is better.

In your opinion. It depends because, with a gaming PC, you get the control of a mouse and keyboard, which is actually many people prefer that, but I, but if you’re, not a person who wants to sit on your computer and do gaming, then console gaming is for you. I used to do a reel of PC gaming used to buy PC Reds, upgrade the graphic cards every seven eight months, but now I gave up on that from past.

I would say 78 years and mostly I have moved to consoles. I have both the Xbox one X and even the ps4 through what I like, as you get the controller. Yes, it takes time to get used to the controller. It took me almost about a month to get used to the controller, but once you get used to it, you can sit on the couch and do the gaming on a big television with the home, theater setup and stuff. So it’s about convenience but yeah.

The games are actually slightly more expensive on the console’s compared to PC game, because PC and many times you get peels on Steam and stuff. So again we the pros and cons, and also with what do you say, PC gaming. Personally, what I was doing this, I realized that I was spending a lot more money on upgrading my PC with the latest graphic cards and stuff that way on the console. You can do it once you buy.

The console generally come new consoles come after 5 or 6 here. So that way I was spending actually less money on the consoles compared to PC gaming. So again it’s a personal preference up to you guys, let’s move to the next one, can we buy the Nokia? It’S a taco, 434, don’t buy it simply, not a that crate. I would say this is back Amir he’s telling please assist me real me. Provos is the redmi note 6 pro I would say both are ok but overall, I would say the real meat 2 pro is a better device.

If you can live with that color OS, I know some people just simply cannot live with color OS. But if you can live with that, yes, I feel it’s a better product and yeah camera in some areas. Definitely the redmi note 6 goes ahead, but not in every situation. Guys. Let’S take this question this way. Mossad is asking personal question. Your system setup looks like a professional internet riyer. How do your shade market analyst cause? Most of your techies have a tendency to fry Shaima.

I actually know this setup that you saw her. Alright, we did is because of the life setup, because life is very crazy. You have the software that life is doing or do you was being routed by or something else you have to monitor the feed, and there is also one more what a user see. So I’m tracking all of those things, that’s why I need this multi set up, but I don’t know she a trading guys, but I have been a investor for a long long time for more than 20 years and mutual funds.

I don’t do what do you say that quick stock betting and all those things? That’S not for me. I look at some mutual funds. I look at long term for a stock trader anyways. Let’S move to next one. Let me just quickly and refresh: it got a lot of questions. It’S just scrolling like crazy. Oh okay, let’s take this because I think so this is sorry. I haven’t use this, let’s just roll one! Second, let me just scroll this.

This is by Arjen Bhattacharya. Sorry, Auriemma Banerjee, is it really worth buying the Apple home port in India, considering the fact that Apple service do not work properly in India? How is your home ports having you? Actually, the home port is fine. It’S been working fine for me and yes, it’s not officially sold in India, but it works with music. Aha, the Apple music, India counter it works. In fact, and this invoke it it’s behind this computer.

Hey see resume AC stop, so it works perfectly fine with the Apple music, India column, that’s not a problem, but I feel as as it’s not officially sold in India. If you import it, it’s got to be very, very expensive, but in terms of some quality I have the already say that Google home definitely it sounds better than Google home, but I also has to have the Sonos with one and I feel the Suez one is Likely better because the pricing of the photos, one is a lot less compared to the I mean, even the solos one is not available, but only why you need a just.

An apple music account paid account and I’m using the Indian paid account and it works fine with that. Let’S move to the next one: it’s ok! Let’S this is fine and then Gopi Krishna. I got the MacBook Air early 2014 variant for gigabyte. Is it useful for programming? You can do fro programming on that just fry Xcode. I don’t know what you’re talking. I think so you want to write Apple, iOS, apps and stuff, so Xcode, but generally Xcode.

It will be preferable if it has 8 gigabytes of RAM and more powerful, but certainly yes, you can do coding. Even with that configuration. Ok, let’s quickly move to other questions. Bissell is asking your expectation from Samsung McD’s. These are the new mid-range smartphones that are going to be non shamed by Samsung. Rumours are that they even launched about two or three models sometime in January, let’s hope and from what rumors offered guys.

I don’t know if that’s true or not, these might replace the J series, but they are supposed to be way way better than the JC. So, let’s see when we get it sometime in January, so let’s move ok, let’s again, I’m getting some Queen computer related question about that. So, let’s just quickly take that and why are no laptops with good battery life greater in the budget range below 30 thousand, but in smartphones or budget guys smartphone such a small thing laptop such a big thing.

It’S a lot more expensive to make a laptop compared to a smartphone. Hence you see those eight are more thin and light design above fifty thousand. Now what is a laptops generally at below thirty thousand? Even the screen quality is compromised. The quality of the screen is actually not good, so obviously manufacturers simply cannot give higher battery life best chipsets best. What do you say screen quality at that price point.

In fact, to be very frank, if you want a great laptop the pricing of some of the great high end, laptops is almost equal or even more MacBook Pro. I’M not kidding guys because one of my cousins wanted iron by laptop when I was configuring and the PI’s went closed about one and a half max okay, let’s move to the next question and guys will be ending it now, because it’s over 15 minutes. Let me just quickly just refresh this once and guys.

Let me know about these live tech. Q & A sessions I used to actually do it every week on Tuesdays at 7 p.M. So. Do you guys really want that? I, if it was let’s test it out for a couple of weeks at works, do you want me to do it every week or so, and what would be the belt best day Tuesday’s or Saturday’s? Let me know in the comments section this is by Prashant he’s asking currently using the honor 7x upgrade options.

Please max Pro m2 on a rate see real me. You want redmi note 6 pro, not a selfie person prefer long, the bad for you. I hate lags not a gamer good camera, I would say the back camera best in this would be the redmi note 6 pro. But in other aspects I would say the zenfone max pro m2 goes ahead. So Aurora the zenfone max flow m2 looks like a better option, as you said no selfie. Obviously the honor 8c and 12000 rupees is simply not giving that much.

So I would go with the. What do you say: zenfone max Pro m2. So, let’s quickly move – and let’s just take this last question this by Rama’s last time, you said you weren’t happy with the Microsoft products. What about the 2018 products any coming? I haven’t used a lot of Microsoft products. The only Microsoft product that I purchased in 2018 was the Microsoft Surface, good laptop. I have it now I’ll try to review it because it’s officially not sold in any.

I have purchased it from United States and they I got a good deal for it for $ 400 plus tax or 32 or for 35 dollars I paid for that and for that price equals good. What do you say mini-computer? I won’t call it a primary computer because the processor is slow, but as a secondary computer. It’S a good computer, but in India again the pricing is very high 37,000 and you have to realistically buy that keyboard that is sold separately for eight and a half thousand.

So the whole setup costs about 45,000 and simply can’t even replace what you said. We are two and a half-year-old doctor, but has a secondary machine that you want to carry every male. That’S really good! If you guys really want I’ll try to post the review of the Microsoft Surface, go so that’s er! Let’S end this life tech unit session – and I can do this – will be the last article of 2018 so very happy to all of you so guys.

I can’t take care and do let me know what do you think about these life? Take your decision should I start doing that on a regular basis. If so, which do you think is better Tuesdays or Saturdays? Maybe a lot of porn on this one, so anyways guys, that’s it for now take care guys and if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube blog hit that subscribe button. This is run cheap and I hope to see you.

There is so again very happy New Year to all of you, bye, bye, guys,


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