LG W30 Unboxing _ Overview Budget Camera Smartphone

In fact, LG launched three different smartphones LT W 10. This is the W 30 and the W 30 Pro and regarding the pricing guys, this LG W 30 is selling in India for $ 9,000 and 99 rupees and the box opens and we get the phone itself, and this is supposed to be having a six point. Two six inch screen, as you can see, with that notch design and the back actually looks pretty cool.

It’S still a polycarbonate plastic part actually looks really and nice. I would say man this one has the triple camera setup, we’ll come back to the device. Later. Let’S see what else do we get in the box, so you get a looks like a micro, USB, cable and a standard. The 5 volt 2 amp charger in the box. That’S what we get and this is the warranty card. So that’s what we get in the box. Let me give this to the side and let’s look at the handset itself and let me give you a physical overview.

The handset feels actually really light to hold transferring the fact it has a four thousand milliamp hour battery and on the top we have the 3.5 mm headphone jack. As you can see here, we also have a secondary noise cancellation microphone, and here we have the volume rockers up and down the button. Quality is good, does not have any flex to power. On/Off button bottom will be the vent for the speaker, micro, USB port.

There will be the main microphone and here is the same tray. Let’S see what is the configuration that we are getting regarding the same tray and it’s a dual sim, hybrid guys that you are getting and storage, I believe, is the 32gb internal on this one back. We have a fingerprint scanner, but I believe, even face unlocking is there on this one. So let me do one thing: let me actually boot this up and by the time it boots up and I set it up.

Let me give you a configuration overview. This lzw 30 is having a six point. Two six inch HD plus screen in the nineteen is nine aspect ratio. It’S sparked by the mediatek helio p22 chipset, which is octa-core processor, based on trend nanometer process. It comes with three gigabytes of RAM and 32gb of storage, and it also has face and locking fingerprint scanner pointing to the camera. It has a triple rear facing camera and the main camera is a 12 megapixel.

Next camera is actually a 13 megapixel, which is a wide angle lens. And lastly, you have a 2 megapixel, that’s for Deb, going to the front facing camera, it’s a 16 megapixel and it has a 4 thousand milliamp hour battery, so guys have just finished. Setting up this device and one thing that I’m noticing a huge difference on this one is the UI that we have. This looks like almost talked, as you can see, guys looks like stock like what we get on pixel devices.

If you just go up, you get to the multitasking tray and if we go left, you get the Google pane so really nice to see that LG has simplified the UI. This is exactly what we get on. Android, Google, the pixel as smartphones as you can see, and not a lot of bloatware, also got to see FM radio s there so again pretty clean and neat UI. And if you like, that stock Android experience you’ll actually really like it, and this we also have the digital well being option as you can see, and let’s go to the system and here a Figaro system.

As you can see, it’s running on Android by its self and if we go towards the storage out of that 32gb you’ll get about 24.1 gigabytes of space available to you. So that is regarding the storage and this wasn’t having that mediatek helio p22 chipset. And it’s something that four thousand milliamp power battery, so the battery life also should be really actually good on this one. Another thing that I’m liking is that, though, it’s having that four thousand milliamp hour battery, the handset does not feel that heavy.

This also has a face: unlocking and the fingerprint scanner. So, let’s just check the fingerprint scanner and switched it off and, as you can see, it is fast the moment you touch and I like the fact that the position of the fingerprint scanner is easy to locate your index finger easily reaches this and, as you can See it works really. Well, let me do one thing guys and let me unlock it. Let me do one thing: let me also go to the display option and if we go over here we had adaptive brightness.

So that means auto brightness is there and also, if you have this notch option, so let’s look at it and we have multiple modes for example right now, it’s the water drop notch. But if you want to change the notch, I believe if you go yeah, it also becomes like this to you notch and if you really do not like the notch, if you can, you can click here and you can just completely hide the notch if you want So nice to see those options are present.

Another small thing that I’d notice is that this w30 also has a physical, LED notification light, as you can see over here. So let’s just unlock it and again regarding the camera. Also, it has that triple camera setup. So let’s have a closer look at the camera interface now, and this is how that’s right now, the front-facing. Let’S just go back and as you can see, we have quite a few things over here and the shutter speed is really fast.

If you notice, let’s bring this object closer and it looks like – and this is the depth mode and as you can see, you can adjust the background bouquet. It goes all the way up to 0.95. But I won’t quote that much. Let’S keep it F 2.8 and I change the background blur in real time. If we notice, as you can see, I took this shot, says: –, it’s images, processing and yes, as you can see, we got that background blur with this one.

So that option is there. That’S nice and let’s just go back to the normal mode, and this is the normal mode, and you notice this button over here and this toggles between the wide-angle. As you can see, the wide-angle you get so much stuff and this toggles over here to the regular – and you can also use this to zoom in and out as you can see so so wide-angle regular and you can also move around for zooming in and out.

Let’S look at the front-facing camera also and, as you can see, it’s detecting my face and the shutter speed is fast and looks like this is also what we have the depth effect even to the front-facing camera. So that’s actually nice. So these were the samples taken with the LG W 30s rear facing camera and like the fact that it has that wide angle, lens and also in terms of color reproduction accuracy, it’s very good, as you can see, with these sample shots even in indoor shots.

These were an indoor lighting, it did actually a pretty good job, as you can see, and these were some of the samples taken with the human subjects. That’S myself in various lighting conditions, as you can see, and these were taken and indoor lighting conditions again, as you can see in terms of fur skin tones even and indoor lighting, it did actually a pretty good job now, moving to the front-facing camera, the front-facing camera Performance was also very good, as you can see, these were the samples that have taken in outdoor conditions and when we move even to indoor lighting conditions, the front facing camera produced very good shots in my opinion, so that’s it for now for this unboxing and first Look at this LG W 30 and I really like the fact that LG has implemented this triple camera setup, though this devices under rupees 10,000.

So in fact the camera performance was actually pretty good, even the front-facing camera performance, who was actually pretty good, so anyways guys. That’S it for now for this unboxing and first look at this LG W 30. What do you guys think about the same? Do let me know in the comment section below that’s it for now, thanks for reading, this is Ron G that I hope to see you in my next article take care guys


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