Jio Fiber Plans Explained I Didn_t Like Them But The Facts

Let’S talk about the Gio Giga fiber plants and if you guys recall, I actually need. I took two Gio Giga fiber connections in March, and I had posted a article about that. One again check out that, if you want to know what’s the experience, how it works and all those things, but in this article let’s talk about the Gio Giga fiber commercial plants, because those have been announced and in fact now I have three connections just about two Months ago I took one more connection for my parents also, that was that 2500 rupees plant that came with the slightly inferior router that has the 2.
4 gigahertz band, so have a 3 and guys, I’m, let’s be frank, I’m a little bit disappointed with the plants and Maybe I’ll be surrendering one of the connections now, but in this article I’m going to state all the facts and the details, because there has been a lot of confusion about this one and in fact that’s why I took time to create this article. In fact, I got in touch with geo of official and she is actually in geo.
What do you say? I mean Mumbai office, so this information is coming directly from there. I had a long call asked a ton of questions so I’ll go over it. What are these plants I divided and so that, hopefully it gives you an better idea? What are these you, bigger fiber plants, because I have been hearing a lot of misinformation around that and I guess, to be frank, I would say for heavy data users.
These plants are very, very expensive, so first, let’s talk about the plants and if you look at this survey page here, it gives us all the options of the prepaid plans. Those are the bronze silver, gold and diamond, and if you look at it it says that the bronze is the base plum and it comes with 6 99 rupees per month, but guys this is not inclusive of GST, so you have to add 18 % GST to This so the total cost per month will come out to about 800 25 rupees per month for this base plan.
And if you look at it, the speed is 100 megabits. So the base speed is 100 megabits on all plants. But the important thing is data guys. That’S the most important thing and on this plan you are getting hundred gigabytes of data, but you’ll notice that you also have that 50 GB extra and this 50 GB extra is the initial offer and this will be applicable for the first six months. So you’ll be getting about 150 gigabytes of data per month, but again after that, six months at 50, GB will go of it.
So essentially 100 gigabytes of data and you’ll be paying about 800 fr bees per month. For this one, and before I move to other plants, it’s tough one, big misinformation out there is that people are saying that this, even if you take the base plan or any plant, you will get cable services like live TV, etc with this one. No, that is not true. You will not get the cable services. If you want that cable services.
Yes, you need to have an existing cable connection. They have tie ups with halfway and one more provider. I forgot I like that name. So again, you need that regular cable connection and that fee, whatever you are paying to Hathway or whatever, is different, so that is not included you’re, not getting cable services. For with this one, let me be clear: we’ll talk about the set-top box. Yes, you aren’t going to get a set-top box that 4k set of box with every connection, but that’s a little bit different from regular cable connection that you were expecting live TVs and all those things.
No. Those are ot t I’ll talk about that. That’S a good thing, but this is not cable, so for cable, etc. If you have Hathway, you will be paying water amount, you were paying for cable and that just attached to this one anyways. Next, if you look at it, we have the silver plan and we have the gold plan and other transit and I’m and except rather too expensive. I feel, but let’s talk about the silver plan, because I feel for most casual users they, this might be the best one.
It says that you get about 200 gigabytes of data and during that initial offer for the six months you get 200 GB extra. So you should be getting about 400 GB of data per month, which is actually pretty decent for normal users, not for very heavy users. Like you and me. Obviously, and again, the base plan is rupees 849 for this one, so add GST, so you’ll be paying about 1200 rupees per month for this plan, and then we also have the gold plan, which I feel is OK for slightly heavy users.
I am. I was looking at my data consumption guys I’ll talk about. I in fact have a different. What do you say? Broadband providers not just GOI, also have an a connection and a pioneer broadband connection. I’Ll talk about that also and but wasteland gives you about 500 GB of data. It says, but and you’ll be also be getting that 250 GB extra, so essentially you’ll be getting about seven and 50 gigabytes of data.
Initially, with this plan and speeds on this plants have increased now from 100 megabits to 250 megabits, so actually pretty good 250 megabytes. But if you add the taxes and everything you’ll be paying 1533 rupees per month for this plan and that extra GB, as I’ve told you is introductory offer this will be applicable for 6 months. And now, let’s talk about and one thing that this G official told me is that guys these are not just these plants in the near future.
They might be announcing some newer plants. Also, but again I didn’t get any more details, but this it’s not like that. These plans are the only plants that will be coming in the future, maybe I’m just assuming around that the valley or the the Shira time they might just announce um, whatever the value offer or whatever so new plants might be also coming and now, let’s talk about The 4k set-top box and according to the plants – and I even checked with this G official, yes, every connection, even the base connection – will get that 4k set-top box included and guys.
This is basically think of this as Android TV box, for example. If I give a very crude example think of this as a 5d mystic 4 K, for example, of the Amazon fire TV stick, you have a ton of apps like Netflix, hot star, Amazon, Prime etc. So it’s essentially that and you’ll be attaching this. If you want to your television so to make your normal television a sort of a smart television – and this is a 4k box – so that’s actually good and we are getting this for every connection and again this view official did not specify to me exactly what are The apps that are coming, but I’m assuming popular apps like Netflix, hot star Z, obviously geo apps will come from this, but the G official didn’t tell me exactly what are the OTT apps that will be coming.
But one thing to make very clear – and I asked this question – is that whatever data is consumed, for example, let’s say if you’re reading, Netflix or let’s say hot star Wow this connection via this box, that data will be counted from your whatever data. Have. Let’S say you have 100 GB cap, so again, you’re reading that Netflix or whatever it your data will be used for that. This is not free that I want to make it very clear.
I double check this one, but the good thing is that you are getting this 4k TV box free with almost every connection and in fact recently what do you say? It? L has launched a similar box, that’s known as extreme, and they are charging about three thousand nine hundred rupees or something like that for that, but you’re getting that box for free. But again this is not a cable TV box that many people are confusing.
This is what do you say: this is a box where you have a number of apps and you can use it like a Android TV box. I would say think of this as a fat. Tv 4k, stick that you are getting, and so that’s what it is and I will be upgrading one of my connections so hopefully I should also be getting that box soon. When I have great because it said that everyone who goes for the paid plan will get that box, if I get it do, let me know: do you want a dedicated article about it? What are the apps that is coming except rap? Do let me know in the comment section below now, let’s talk about before I move to that annual Pro Lance, which I think is the best thing right now, because they give you options like double data, etc.
Let’S talk about why I feel these data plans are not that cost-effective. Let’S, let me talk about my own experience. I mean Heather bath. I have three different broadband connection. Apart from what you say, Gio my primary connection earlier was at broadband and if you look at this web page actually on this one $ 2.99 Maxim plan. That gives me 150 megabits of speed and one terabyte of data per month and in fact I paid annually for this, so I had to pay only for 10 months, so I paid that 12,000.
I had plus GST, so I’m getting one terabyte of data with this one. Another connection that I have is in this: what is at the secondary office? That’S not our main, that’s the pioneer connection and, as you can see, I took the base connection. That’S a 25 megabit connection up and down, and I get 300 gigabytes of data with this one and the monthly rental is just 400 rupees plus taxes and forget about all this.
The most interesting thing is hat wave, which is now indirectly owned by real ants, and it’s basically, I would say part of geo now, because reliance owns geo hat way: broadband in Hyderabad. They have a plan. Look at this look at the. What do you say? 100. Megabit plan monthly cost is just 499 rupees and the best part is no data caps, no data caps, unlimited data, and if you go for the 75 megabit data, it’s just 349 rupees per month without any rate, are caps.
So I’m like surprised how much reliance is actually charging for data anyways. Another thing I’d really do not like about this geo Giga fiber plants is essentially are technically. This connection is unlimited, but after let’s say, if we talk about the base plan, that is the bronze. After that 100 gigabytes of data, your connection speed will go down and it goes down to just 1 make a better one. So that’s actually really really less, because, for example, I have act and stuff.
We also have FUP with act and others I’m going to give an example of act, because I was using it in my plan. If I recall after that 1 terabyte, if I exceed per month, then the connection drops down to about 3 megabit. So I feel that a few p speed should have been better. They should have gone with at least a 2 mega bet and for higher plans, 3, 4 6, or something like that. But right now for every plan, even the most expensive plan that will cost about 10000 per month.
The FUP is just 1 megabit, so I hope in the future. They change this FUP, because one megabit connection for a broadband for FUP, when you are just having hundred gigabytes of data, is just ridiculous. In my Frank opinion, now, as I’ve told you, I have actually three connections in a family and half to personally one in the office and one in my home and my desk just surrender one of the connections because I already have acted and it’s very much cheaper.
I would say for me and I might keep one of the Geo connections because of the reliability, because if you recall, I had taken this correction around March sometime and it’s been more than six months now and I never had an issue of downtime. So that is one thing that I really like that I can’t say lately because of the act. My heart connection goes down quite a bit these days, but that’s not the case with this one.
So that’s the only good thing, but I simply do not like how much data we are getting and another thing that I want to clarify, and I did ask the Jew official about this one with every new geo connection. We will be getting that what we say – fiber box, that you require this, I believe, will be the newer one. Not I got it from my dad for 2500 me. This is the one so you’ll be getting this one, but this one only has 2.
4 gigahertz Wi-Fi band, and I did test this one on my dad’s connection and the max speed on Wi-Fi you can get is about 45 to 48 megabits. You don’t want get higher speeds on Wi-Fi, because this box simply does not have any 5 gigahertz plan. I had taken the connection earlier for 4500 rupees. That’S why I have this white color box and this one does have that 5 gigahertz, Wi-Fi ban. So, even on Wi-Fi, I get about 80 85 megabit.
So again that is one thing you have to note and apart from that router box that you’re getting that the fiber will go, you will also be getting that 4k. What do you say streaming box of work? A set of box with every connection, so that’s what you’re going to get and now let’s talk about the annual plants. If you are really serious about this connection, then I would say: look at the annual plants and if you look at this image over here, let’s talk about the silver and the gold plan.
As I have told you, the silver plan per month will cost you about. One thousand two rupees per month and in this silver plan, if you go here, they have some options like this Bluetooth, speaker or you can get two extra months and we also have a third option of doubling your data. And frankly, I feel if you are a power user like most of you are who are reading this, then you should offer this double data plan again.
Do note that out of these three options, like Bluetooth, speaker that two months of extra and double data, you can only choose one option. So I would suggest that if you are going for this plan use that double date option – and hence instead of the 200 gigabytes per month – you’ll be heading 400 gigabytes per month and for the full year then you’ll be paying about twelve thousand twenty. Four that this is inclusive of taxes – and this is one more important thing that I asked the G official, so the total you are assuming that 400 GB into twelve is that 4,800 GB per year.
I asked her. Can we use that 4800 GB as we like in the full year? No, she told it will be capped to monthly data, for that means for this plan, maximum that you can use in a month is 400 gigabytes. For example, you just can’t use like thousand gigabytes in a month. It’S not like that. Every month you get a quota of about 400 gigabytes with that annual plant. If you offer that double data, I also like the gold plan for heavy users.
The regular data is 400 GB per month, but if you offer that annual plan and this one in the annual plan, if you notice they have some options, they are giving that 24 inch TV. But for that you have to enroll for two years or again the two months of extra data or double data, I would say just go for the double data. If you really want that, then you will be getting about one terabyte of data per month and the annual fee will work out to about 18,000 380 396 per here.
This is inclusive of taxes, so this is a just again. They have a lot more plants, as you can see on the this image. But again you get an idea. What I’m talking about. I would say what I liked about the Geo connection, because I have been using it for the past. Six months is reliability. It was never down in the past six months and mostly I get the rated speed. So it’s basically I’m currently on 100 megabit plan, and generally always I get about 92 to about 94 megabits of speed.
So reliability is got compared to some of the other operators that I am using here in Hyderabad, but for heavy users like you and me who need a lot of data, it is certainly very very expensive as of now, and we simply do not have any unlimited Plan option as of now and even the FUP limits are just ridiculous at one megabit. But again I feel yes, this Gio Giga fiber connection might be great for some people, for example you’re living in a work saying not a major city where you don’t have a lot of.
What do you say, broadband providers, then? Maybe this might be a better option, but again in big cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, etc. We have a lot of what is a broadband operators which give you very high-speed connections, unlimited connection for 500, 800 rupees. So again, this was the information about this geo Giga fibre, guys and I might be Sundering, surrendering one of my own connections and might just roll out of to give it a try how this works.
One of the connections I might enroll for three months and see how it works, and I should also be getting that 4k setup box because of that so do, let me know: do you want a article on that 4k setup box? What are the features that you are getting? What is etc? Anyways guys. I hope this article makes sense and clears the confusion about Geo, Giga, fiber and it’s plants and guys again, if you guys, are still not subscribed to my YouTube blog hit that subscribe button.
Anyways guys, this is Ranchi hope to see you in my next article take care guys

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