JBL T205 Bluetooth Earphones These Sound Good but for you

Let’S do the review for these JPL. T20. 5 fan guys. If you recall, I am reading a lot of Bluetooth headsets, because many of you have been asking about it, and recently I had reviewed even the Samiha phones, that was for 1,500 rupees and earlier the boat rockers, which I frankly feel not that good. If you are a music listener – and many of you said that, yes, we are okay with the slightly higher budget, but we want better sound quality and stuff.

So searching a lot, and I decided this time to review a Bluetooth headset from a proper audio company. And I was just browsing and searching on Amazon. I have found this one. This is the JBL t20 5 on Amazon. I purchased it for two thousand rupees. So, let’s see if this is good enough of that JBL branding so guys. This is the box of the JBL gear phones, and here are the gear phones itself. I’Ll give you a look later, so I’ve already taken it out.

Obviously, and as you can see, the pricing is, it says to 999, but that’s not correct. I purchased it for 2005 Amazon and the box does not give us a lot of information just 6 about 6 hours of battery life. I will talk about that, and here are some other specs like it’s: a pure bass, sound and hands-free, calling and tangle free, a cable sand, comfort and whatever. So this is how it comes out. Let me leave this, so the earphones were packed in this.

You also get a USB to micro, USB cable, bundled here I mean just these two manuals like this. You don’t get any extra ear buds, because this is not in your style. I’Ll show you that. So these are the earphones itself and if we zoom in, let me show you this: these are the earphones itself and in fact, as you can see, these are not in here. These are like airport, so they sit on your here and the construction is good.

This part is plastic and I sort of slightly soft plastic. This is metallic and again this is plastic, and it has the chip we’re broadening over here, and this is that flat type, cable – and here is the main connector and, as you can see, this is the LED light. It’S blue. That means it’s actually connected to my phone, and one thing that I found it silly is that whenever it’s connected and self-disclose always and I’ll talk about that – why I feel this is a bad move again.

This says JBL over here. We also have an integrated microphone over here. As you can see, this is on this side and we have this flap, that is the microUSB port, using which you can actually charge this and roughly takes about one and a half hours to charge it. But I mean this is entirely made up of plastic and you have a couple of buttons over here. This is the main button, you’ll power it on and off.

This also you’ll hit this while taking class cause, and you also have the plus and minus buttons over here. But again, these are not sort of physical button to your resist, so you have to press it slightly on the hardest side. This one is a lot easier to press, so that’s what it is, and you can even change tracks with this, for example, of the plus volume, if you hold it for more than a second, it moves to the next track and it moves to the previous stacks And again, we have that flat type cable, but now, instead of this one, this is a black one, and this is slightly thicker than this one, and this connects to an aim this way.

This is nothing but this is just having the battery pack inside, but this also say it’s just JBL over here, and this is also plastic and your other. Your phone is over here, so this is the physical overview and it pairs easily with your smart phone. This is the galaxy s 9 s 10 class that I’m using and, as you can see, it says, JPL tune and if you click over here, it also gives you an idea about the battery life that is left and, in fact, in the battery falls below 10 Percent permanent notification comes over here that the battery is low.

So now, let’s talk about what I feel about this, your phone and I divided into various parameters so that you can get a very good idea. For example, we will talk about the comfort fed battery life. The Bluetooth range how good a test while taking cellular calls over Bluetooth and, lastly, music output, which is the most important part for any here phone. So let’s talk about it. First, let’s talk about comfort and, as I mentioned in the overview article, these are not in your style, so they just slide like this in your years and for me they are actually pretty comfortable.

But again I would say these are like Apple earpods. Many people feel that the ear pods are very comfortable, but for a certain segment of users, the airports are never comfortable. So if the ear pods are not comfortable for you, these will also be not comfortable. They’Re just rest like this and in terms of comfort. They are pretty comfortable for me. I continuously listen to the music for about one and a half hours also on this one, and they were fine and regarding the fit it is, is fit as good.

It did not just fall out of my here. I would say, but again I would not recommend you this one if you are looking for a Bluetooth headset for gym and stuff, because if you notice we have these two one is the controller. Another is the battery and if you don’t know German, so then you move around this just moves around erratically. So I feel this is not very good fortune and sports, but in terms of regular usage listening to music taking cause, these are comfortable, I would say pretty light, and you hardly feel another thing is that in terms of scene, as these are not in your earphones, If many wear them and move around, you will get some ambient noise around you.

They don’t fall off. What do you say very tight, see like in your earphone, so that is also something to know. Now, let’s talk about some of the quirks, as I mentioned, you have that LED light over here. It glows in different colors, for example, white and blue, and the thing is that now switch it on that will connect white it takes. Then, if it’s connected, it moves to blue and this glows continuously, when it is actually connected to your what is a smart phone and it’s actually pretty bright Evan, for example.

At night I almost goes every light and my vine was annoyed with this blue blowing. The light – and I feel they should have done or something like a blinking light, every 5 or 10 seconds. Instead of that light, constantly blowing that way, they could have gone with slightly better battery life, but again, that’s minor annoyance that I’ve noticed now. Let’S talk about the battery life on the box, they say about 6 hours of battery life and I would say in my testing I didn’t listen to music continuously for all the time, but I was also taking some calls and using, I would say, the battery life Is just about four and a half about five ish: ask that you would get if you are using that makes use it about four and Alpha’s.

So, strictly I would say in terms of battery life, it’s actually very very average, because many of the other Bluetooth headsets get anywhere between about 6 to about seven and a half hours of battery life. The battery life – I would say it’s strictly average, but in terms of charging, it’s fairly easy to charge and it takes about one and a half hours to charge. So that’s regarding the battery life.

Now, let’s talk about the Bluetooth range on this one. Surprisingly, the Bluetooth range is actually really good on this one. I could just move out of this room to the next room, also and in the next room. Also, the music did not skip, or I could pick calls for that. So the Bluetooth range is really good and to give you a very rough estimate, I would say if you keep your smart phone in the center of your house and your house is around 1,500 square feet.

You can move entirely in your house and it is not skip so in terms of Bluetooth connectivity. It’S a very strong Bluetooth connectivity that we have seen, unlike some of the other Bluetooth headsets. When I move to the next room they used to cut out. This was not caring now, let’s talk about the calls, also, because many of the people actually take calls with Bluetooth headsets and I would say, but the Bluetooth hits cellular call.

Quality was really nice on this one. But one thing to note is that, as I’ve told you this area here, it has the microphone and this moves around and I must have taken about 10 or 12 calls with this one, and I just got campaign with one person during that time. What had happened? This is not a collar shirt, I was wearing a collar shirt and this way the microphone is there. It got inverted and it went inside so it was a little bit muffled.

So again, you have to be careful when you’re taking a Bluetooth, calls that the microphone area is actually facing to you, and if that was the case, the calls were very clear and also the obviously the earpiece has really got so in terms of Bluetooth call quality And connectivity and call quality, I would say, a very good one, but again you have to be careful. If this goes underneath your collar or something, then he asset can’t get muffled.

Now, let’s talk about the music because I personally feel for a Bluetooth headset, the music listening experience is the most important thing, because you’re paying that premium for the quality of music that you will get and yeah, I would say I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t expecting this result and on the boards and even on the Amazon branding. It says: bass, bass, pure bass, extended bass and blah blah blah.

So, let’s start with the bass. Yes, the bass is definitely extended, bass, boosted bass, I would say, if you’re sort of a purist, but again it’s not so heavily boosted that the music sounds actually unnatural. The bass comes yes. Definitely the bass is boosted, but I liked it, I would say the amount of bass. So but again I would say if you are a very heavy bass head, then again, this is not for you.

It’S not super super super basic, but I’d like what they have done with the bass it comes. It boosts the bass when it’s required. There gives that thumping, sound and just goes away, because the mid-tones and the high tones are not affected with the pace and in fact I would say I love the vocals that was coming out of them. They were very rich and clean. I really thoroughly enjoyed this, and even the high tones and the high frequencies were very, very event produced on this.

For example, the treble tones, I would say, were really good. So if I have to rate in terms of the audio quality, audio quality was surprisingly really really good. The bass did not muddy the what’d, he say vocals and the high tones. In fact, I really love the vocals and the high tones that I was getting. The music was really rich and it sounded very vibrant. I would say – and I really enjoyed listening to this one in fact – I’d liked it so much that I started singing and that generally doesn’t happen with me unless I’m using very high-end headphones, but the sound signature of what the JPL has done with the tuning.

I was really really impressed and the bass was there, it added that dimension and the depth to the sound that was actually near. So in terms of sound quality. I was really impressed because I wasn’t expecting this much because I have listened to very high-end headphones. Also from other audio brand, but this one in terms surprising in the sound quality for the price. If we talk about the pricing at about two thousand rupees to about two thousand two hundred the price varies, I would say the sound if I have to rate it.

Regarding just the song, I would as high as nine point five out of ten but again overall, if you look at the picture, I would detect some points because some of the other aspects, I would say again it’s plasticy and also the battery life – was not that Great, so I will deduct some points and all if I have to rate this one, I would rate it eight point five out of ten and you might ask how would I rate it in comparison to the media phone? Definitely in terms of sound quality, I would say if you listen to a lot of music.

Definitely these two appeals beat this me one in terms of sound signature, but yeah. This one is at 1500. This one was at 2000 rupees, so I would definitely say if you are okay with this time, not in your style and you really value music. I would definitely say this. One does sound very good, but again it’s not without its flaws. What I have mentioned in this review, anyways guys, that’s it for my review for this one and again I had purchased this one from Amazon, so I’ll leave the link in the description area anyways guys, that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading this is Ranjit and I hope to see you in my next article take care guys


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