JBL Infinity Zip 100 Earphones Review Amazing Sound on a Budget

Let’S do the review of these JBL infinity by harman, and this is the zip 100. These are the your phones, and quite a few of you have asked me to actually check this out. So I ordered this. Why Amazon, and it’s generally available for about five hundred fifty rupees I’ll leave the link, but on sales I purchase it on the sale. I could get it for $ 4.99 rupees and for that price who’d say it’s really good.

It’S basically JBL itself this, but I give what they have done is for India. They have released this, so they have cut down the price. For example, the JBL see 100 see 200 a psychic search of a child review where for about 700 to 750 rupees. Now this one is about 500 rupees, but is everything great on this one we’ll find that out so first, let us talk about it and it’s comes in the style box like this, and it also gets some extra care of your tips with this over here and One is pretty attached to three, and these are the earphones itself.

As you can see guys. These are the earphones and, I would say, yeah. I have a problem, it’s just completely made of plastic. I won’t have a problem if it’s just plastic, because most of these have already say budget oriented your phone’s power plan, but this feels like cheap quality plastic, so that is it, and here, though, it’s a flat cable. I have it’s a good thing that they are having that flight flat cable, but I mean the VAR quality is also very very thin, so I’m not sure how would it survive over the long term? So that’s the biggest con that I have good thing is that we also have integrated microphone over here with the button to take our end calls, and you can also skip tracks and stuff, and the good thing is that the call quality with this one was very Good, the other party is never complain about that, so the microphone quality is also good, but the build quality is my biggest concern.

So now that’s out. Let’S talk about this sound because that’s the most important thing I feel for your phone then here I would say this is typical: JBL sound signature that you are getting, but they have further tweeted for Indians. I would say, because ian’s do like a lot excess base. So definitely the base is excessive and if I have to compare it with earlier JBL earphone slap, the Sehun 300 si si 200 si.

In fact, the base is even more emphasized that on this one, so they have really boosted up the base about it’s done in a pretty good way. I would say it’s not muddy or something it’s tight, but to my ears, I felt the base was slightly exercise. Most of you might like it, but I felt that compared to other JBL earphones, the base was almost about 10 to 15 percent more on this one. But if I have to rate I would say base, I would give them 9 out of 10.

Most of you will like it. If you start like that emphasize when you really love this one you’d really feel it, for example, in vocal, California, maroon 5. I was listening all those tracks. It was really really. The bass was coming going so really nice base, but yeah slightly on the axis of sight. You can tweak it with the equalizer so for bass. I would rate it 9 out of 10. Now, if we talk about the mid-tones, there are the vocals and everything here.

Also I loved them. They were crystal clear and I would say the mid-tones would produce really really well on this one and if I have to rate it, I would rate it as high as nine point five out of ten now moving to the high tones here. Also, it’s typical JBL. They do give a lot of emphasis on the high tones and those were also produced very well on this one, and I would say I would again rate them about nine point, two five out of ten.

So if we just talk about the some quality for the price of five hundred fifty rupees, as of now would say, nothing can beat it in terms of sound quality, I would rate it as high as about nine point, two five in terms of sound signature. Overall, I would say excellent, excellent, sound signature that you are getting on this one, considering the price point of this one. But again we have to also look at the build quality of this one, and here I would say, the break wallet is simply not that great.

I don’t know how long will these last if you are sort of rough user, maybe in just about 3-4 months, it’s so very high tendency that these will fray out, and so I mean you have to be careful about that. So considering the build quality, I would say overall a 5 to rated just on sound, as I told you, 9.2 5 out of 10 excellent. But overall, if I have to rate I would rate it 8 out of 10. It goes down because of the build quality.

Anyways guys that was my review of this one and I would say these are for people who are sort of music lovers. The music quality is your highest concern. Then you can go with this one. But again, if you are someone who’s, just a casual user mostly takes calls and stuff. Why the give phones and stuff, then I would not recommend you this one, because there are a lot of other. What do you say? You have phones that are a lot more beautiful that come with the braided cable personally.

For me, the music is the highest concern and for that fine, 50 rupees, I would say these are sort of a chain anyways guys. That was my review of these JBL. Zip hundred, if you guys, have not subscribed to my youtube blog hit that subscribe button and also leave the playlist of various dozens and dozens of earphones and headphones that I’ve reviewed earlier in the description below, so you can check out anyways guys, that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading this is ranjith and I hope to see you in my next article take care guys

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