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Divxtotal is one of Spain’s most visited sites where we can find stored torrents that can be downloaded for viewing shows, videos, songs, games, or programs. By downloading Torrents, for which you would have to pay on other sites, DivxTotal will allow you to see all the content for free.

For those that do not know, a Torrent is a small file that contains all the information we want to download about other content. Divxtotal is an unauthorized site, so we recommend that you watch shows, videos, programs, or other types of content using other streaming platforms. Since it is free, most individuals use Divxtotal. But if you share the legal platform rates with the rest of your mates, it’s going to cost you a couple of euros a month.

  • You will have instant and unrestricted access to the platform’s content.
  • You will have to wait to download a torrent at Divxtotal.
  • You’ll quickly enter the new releases.
  • From time to time, you’ll have trouble accessing the platform at Divxtotal.

Steps to download DivxTotaL

To download the torrent from DivxTotaL, follow these steps:

  • Find what you are searching for. If you have to, use the instruments.
  • Click on the film/series/music name.
  • There will be a new window opening with detail.
  • The file size and a summary of the file will be available.
  • Click ‘Download Torrent’ to click on the option.
  • It will open the directory for you. Pick your SavePoint
  • Select OK, and the torrent will be uploaded.
  • In your suitable torrent program, run the torrent
  • Your Design will complete

DivxTotaL User Experience

The website loads easily and has a background theme of black and red. It has white panels in a lighter shade of black for text. Buttons, both of which are easy to use. The home page also shows you the most popular or hot-selection torrents in each group. You can find categories and partner portals on the left side and the banners. It’s easy to browse the stuff. To find the movie, Divxtotal series, Divxtotal Musica series, file, or documents, you can use the search bar and type the keywords. Similarly, by using genre or using alphabetical order, you can also sort.

The World Of DivXTotaL’s

The vast library of the DivxTotaL database has a wide variety of media collections available. You will discover movies with various characteristics, including HD and 3D. Among other shows, there are TV and DivxTotaL episodes. With this site, you can also download full albums of music.

Films: all the wonderful releases of the Spanish film industry can be seen beginning from the set of films. Also, all famous films are also available, such as Tarzan, Viking Blood, Score To Settle, and such. To find a movie of your liking, you may further pick a genre that suits you. Likewise, for your convenience, all of the English or Hollywood movies are also available with their Spanish titles and audio.

HD Movies: Plunge into the DivxTotaL torrent magnet realm of high definition movies. All the new HD movies, including original productions from different applications, can be found. Yes, movies from Netflix, Prime, Voot, and other popular streaming platforms are available. They are all available in a torrent format, ready to download for you. Similar to the set of films, all of them are available in various genres. The HD quality, overall, is impeccable.

Other: This segment includes that which is not included in the other sections. A set of HD wallpapers, for instance. Also, in this section, you can find documentaries. On the other part, there are also license keys, paper files, and such. All of them are handy and have a reason. So, overall, DivxTotal can be considered to be a highly resourceful forum for bittorrents. Not only for the media but also archives and databases.

DivxTotaL Alternatives


The portal has been established for more than 15 years and has had a 50 percent increase in user contributions over the past 2 years, which is reflected in its 3 million online files and around 19 million unique users. It remains operational with all that was Spain’s first officially closed portal.

Not surprisingly, the fact that he is one of the most audited is that the consistency of his content is superior to that found in other portals. All of your files are checked, so you’re not going to get. All your files are checked, so when you finish downloading, you will not get any unwanted surprises. You can get torrents of films, shows, apps.


As a choice due to the wave of closures at the time, it started running on the network from 2009 onwards. While they were closed and their owner imprisoned in 2016, they have succeeded in making the requisite steps and changes to remain legally in their judgment. Less than 3 years after that, n became the world’s second most visited search engine.

This is not the only KickassTorrent brand running portal, there are many more that are still involved, but you should be careful with some because several are clones in their databases with multiple malicious files. What we can tell you is that this one we suggest is from the real ones and you will be able to download all sorts of movies, shows, and computer programs.


A little-known brand in Spain because most of its content is subtitled or in English. However, because its consistency is the highest that can be found on the internet, it is not sufficient to keep it in mind. Also, they have a very productive working team that verifies all torrents to guarantee their customers that at the end of the download they won’t have a hard time.

They have millions of files in their servers that contain the most downloaded movies. Content can be found in 720, 1080 resolution, and even in 3D. Have ever wonder whether it is worth it? Certainly not, but you can begin to add it to your bookmarks but that you can always reach it as easily as possible.


He is a TV content specialist, specifically shows, which are very trendy these days, so due to the boom of the television series, his visits increase more and more. It could be even more visited by the viral phenomenon that inspires this series as the premiere of the last season of Game of Thrones is approaching.

If a single chapter of this and other series is not to be missed, it is better to be attentive to the publications on this list, which are updated regularly. Thanks to its powerful organisation and its search bar, you will find anything you want quickly.


Another platform that users of P2P downloads in Spanish underestimate, as most of its content is in English. But, even if it has a lot of high-quality Spanish-speaking content, they will like it better than the previous one. Also, to ensure protection for their Internet users, they check all their torrents. In addition to video games, you can find all sorts of movies, series and programs for computers on this portal. All are very safe, but to boost privacy and prevent bad times in the future, it is always recommended to use a VPN.

Popcorn Time

This is another of the best known in recent times, standing out for getting the original version of the new releases of the billboard. Popcorn Time itself is not a website, but rather an application for downloading movie torrent files.

The interesting part is that we pick the movie we want to see because it is not a web page, and it begins to play automatically through streaming and via a P2P Torrent network. But the rest of the films are in English.

Having safety issues is natural. After all, you are simply hosting it for others once you download a torrent file. The majority of torrent applications, however, are safe to use. Others are unable to use it to download something that you do not want them to use. It is, overall, secure. They can download only the files from which they have torrents. On DivxTotaL, there are third-party advertising, and they do not take any responsibility for them. It is your duty once you press, browse, or visit the website. You are, therefore, solely accountable for your conduct.

As long as it is a non-profit, it is not illegal to share files with other users. A non-profit is a file being shared without charging for it. You will need to make sure that this file’s authentic source was a source and not a pirated one. You have to understand the right to copy as well. You need to pay for it to store a proprietary product. However, you should make copies of the product as it is under your copyright until you own it. Even on your device or other people’s device, you can store it. So, by sharing the file, you are not carrying out any piracy. Make sure that the source of the file is paid.

DivxTotaL is a reliable site for Spanish content to be used and downloaded from. It is accountable, rapid to load, and provides a great user experience. You needn’t go somewhere else, together with its affiliate websites and portals. It is safe and legal to use the platform as long as you are not seeking economic gain or harm to consumers, distributors, and such. Make sure, however, that you have one of the torrent support platforms listed above for DivxTotal no Funciona Todotorrents and work on it.

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